An inter­view with

Paul Williams

Pos­i­tion & Affil­i­ation: Emer­it­us Pro­fess­or of Indi­an and Tibetan Philo­sophy, Uni­ver­sity of Bristol
Date: March 4, 2019 in Bristol
Inter­viewed by: Anna Sehnalova & Rachael Griffiths

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Additional info

Authored books


2012                Paul Wil­li­ams (with Anthony Tribe and Alex­an­der Wynne), Buddhist Thought: A Com­plete Intro­duc­tion to the Indi­an Tra­di­tion. Second Edi­tion. Lon­don: Rout­ledge. xi + 271 pp. Com­pletely revised second edi­tion, with addi­tions. Forth­com­ing Span­ish trans­la­tion with Her­der Edit­or­i­al V Eulam.


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2006                Paul Wil­li­ams, Mein Weg zu Buddha und Zurück, Munich: Pattloch. Ger­man trans­la­tion of The Unex­pec­ted Way (below).


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2004                Paul Wil­li­ams, Songs of Love, Poems of Sad­ness: The erot­ic verse of the Sixth Dalai Lama, trans­lated from the Tibetan, with an intro­duct­ory essay and notes for appre­ci­ation by Paul Wil­li­ams. Lon­don and New York: I.B. Taur­is. 190 pp.


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2000                Paul Wil­li­ams, Buddyzm Mahajana, przel. Henryk Smagacz, Wydawn­ict­wo A, Krakow, 2000. Pol­ish trans­la­tion of Mahay­ana Buddhism.


2000                Korean trans­la­tion of Mahay­ana Buddhism pub­lished with Sigongsa.


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  • Paul Wil­li­ams, Il Buddhismo Mahay­ana. Rome: Astro­la­bio Ubaldini. Itali­an trans­la­tion of below. Dis­cussed at length by a pro­fess­or in a stu­dio inter­view on Itali­an radio in 1990. Described as ‘the best book on its sub­ject in Italian’.


1989                Paul Wil­li­ams, Mahay­ana Buddhism: The doc­trin­al found­a­tions. Lon­don: Rout­ledge. xii, 317 pp. pb/hb. 1991–2007      Thir­teen reprints of the Rout­ledge edi­tion of Mahay­ana Buddhism. 1989 US edi­tion of Mahay­ana Buddhism. New York: Rout­ledge Chap­man Hall.



Edited books


2012                Paul Wil­li­ams and Patrice Lad­wig (eds.) Buddhist Funer­al Cul­tures of South­east Asia and China (Cam­bridge: Cam­bridge Uni­ver­sity Press).



2005                Paul Wil­li­ams (ed.), Buddhism: Crit­ic­al Con­cepts in Reli­gious Stud­ies, Edited and with a new intro­duc­tion (pp. xxix – xxxiv) by Paul Wil­li­ams. Lon­don: Rout­ledge. Eight volumes. Sole edit­or. Con­tains 110 art­icles, and 3200 pages. Volume 1: Buddhist Ori­gins, and the Early His­tory of Buddhism in South and South­east Asia; Volume 2: The Early Buddhist School and Doc­trin­al His­tory; Theravada Doc­trine; Volume 3: The Ori­gins and Nature of Mahay­ana Buddhism; Some Mahay­ana reli­gious Top­ics; Volume 4: Abhid­harma and Mad­hya­maka; Volume 5: Yoga­cara, The Epi­stem­o­lo­gic­al Tra­di­tion, and Tath­agatagarbha; Volume 6: Tan­tric Buddhism (includ­ing China and Japan); Buddhism in Nepal and Tibet; Volume 7: Buddhism in South and South­east Asia; Volume 8: Buddhism in China, East Asia, and Japan.


Short works


2006                Paul M. Wil­li­ams, Buddhism from a Cath­ol­ic Per­spect­ive. Lon­don: Cath­ol­ic Truth Soci­ety. 80 pp.


1981                (Fran­cis Clark and) Paul Wil­li­ams, Intro­duc­tion to the Study of Reli­gion. Milton Keynes: The Open Uni­ver­sity Press. 103 pp. Pp. 61–100, ‘The Sense of the Holy’.



Chapters in books


2013                ‘Can we kill illus­ory people? Some philo­soph­ic­al reflec­tions on Bodhi[sattva]caryāvatāra 9:11 – 13ab’, in Sarah F. Haynes and Michelle J. Sorensen (eds.) Wad­ing into the Stream of Wis­dom: Essays in hon­or of Leslie Kawamura, Berke­ley, Cal.: Insti­tute of Buddhist Stud­ies and BDK Amer­ica, Inc.: 3–34.


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Aca­dem­ic journ­al papers (ref­er­eed)


2007 (pub­lished 2010)            ‘Christina “the aston­ish­ing” meets the Tibetans return­ing from the bey­ond: A case of mutu­al recog­ni­tion?’, Pacific World: Journ­al of the Insti­tute of Buddhist Stud­ies, Third series, num­ber 9, 103–22.


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  • Response to Mark Sid­er­its’ review’, Philo­sophy East and West 50:3, 424–53. A reply to a review-art­icle of my Altru­ism and Real­ity.


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Pop­u­lar journ­al papers


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Review art­icles (ref­er­eed)



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Well over 50 reviews of works on Buddhist and Hindu philo­sophy, as well as Tibet­o­logy, have been published.



PhD theses on Paul Wil­li­ams’ work


Ern­est Valea:  A crit­ic­al assess­ment of trends in Buddhist-Chris­ti­an dia­logue as reflec­ted in two views of human per­fec­tion: the Buddhist per­spect­ive of Paul Wil­li­ams and the Chris­ti­an theo­logy of Dumitru Staniloae (Uni­ver­sity of Wales, 2013). A revised ver­sion of this thes­is has been pub­lished as Buddhist-Chris­ti­an Dia­logue as Theo­lo­gic­al Exchange: An Ortho­dox Con­tri­bu­tion to Com­par­at­ive Theo­logy, Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2015.


In addi­tion Paul Wil­li­ams’ work has been the sole or spe­cif­ic sub­ject of many pub­lished articles.